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Shenzhen XinYao Metal Co., Ltd., is engaged in electric power, telecommunications, networks, and other aluminum standard instrument, instrument chassis, PCB plug boxes, shells and various types of non-standard data Optical chassis, machine box and chassis design Osaka gold , development, production and sales of professional manufacturers.

Company covers an area of 1500 square meters, has advanced CNC machining equipment: punch 12, 8 milling machines, bending machines, 2 sets of shearing a platform, drilling 20 and the coating, screen printing, oxidation equipment.

The company has always insisted on "perfect quality, boutique concept, in-depth development, customer first" credo to build the brand and the future:
High quality - high quality export products are aluminum, the domestic first-class tooling engineers Seiko secret agents, quality, performance, appearance standards are met or exceeded the international.

Fine idea - scientific management system, world-class advanced technology and the pursuit of the perfect idea to make our products better.
Sustainable development - the integration of production and research, a reasonable market and intensive production, excellent price performance of the product quality and company competitiveness rapidly.

Customer first - three bags of product implementation, provide first-class service, and offices in major cities across the country will be ready to meet customer needs.

"Technology brand, the perfect sacrifice wonderful" Xin Yao Metal Co., Ltd. will develop your power requirements as a company, to your satisfaction as the company's pursuit of better, faster and more stable development.
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